Plasma cutting is not only a fast and economical alternative to oxyfuel and laser cutting, it's also very accurate. The cut quality produced by plasma is exceptional, and with our expert operators, we can achieve some of the tightest tolerances.

York Engineering uses CAD programming software in conjunction with AutoCAD packages ensuring optimum material utilisation and the ability to cut any shape. Our engineering team can assist you in the development of any standard shape such as cones, lobster backs and square to rounds.

The advantage of plasma cutting over the oxyfuel cutting is that oxyfuel cuts by burning, or oxidising and it is limited to steel and other ferous metals that support the oxidising process.

Metals like stainless steel and aluminium form an oxide that prevents further oxidation and thus make oxyfuel cutting imposible. Plasma cutting, however, does not rely on oxidation to work, and thus it can cut aluminum, stainless steel and any other conductive material.

After consulting with clients we identify their requirements and recommend feasible alternatives. Making it possible for us to deliver consistent, custom solutions.

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